Follistatin 344 (FST 344)

Follistatin 344 (FST 344)

Follistatin is a glycoprotein that allows the rapid growth of muscles. Structurally, it is single-chained. This peptide comes in various forms which are FST 288, FST 300, FST 315, and FST 344. These numbers are representations of the different amounts of amino acids each form of the peptide contains.
Being the most basic form of Follistatin, FST 344 contains the largest amount of amino acid. This peptide has been shown from research to aid in the rapid growth of muscles, prevent fat gain, and may help in the treatment of some cancers and fertility issues.
From mice studies, it has been deduced that Follistatin is mainly produced in the liver. However, it is found in other organs as well. Follistatin is also commonly found in egg yolks (especially the fertilized ones).

What is FST 344 used for?

Naturally, FST 344 is produced in the human body and is activated during workouts. Research has shown that FST 344 is responsible for muscle tissue increase triggered by muscledamage. In addition to this, the peptide may also increasemuscle strength. This is why this peptide is quite popular among bodybuilders.
Myostatin is a protein that hinders the growth of muscle cells. FST 344 improves the build of muscles by blocking the actions of Myostatin. Studies carried out on monkeys demonstrated that increased Follistatin production leads to a decrease in the activity of myostatin.
In mice, FST 344 stimulates cell development which in turn results in improved muscle growth in addition to enhanced cell repair function. However, Mice that have been genetically altered to be deficient in myostatin still exhibited muscle growth. This shows that the way Follistatin works on the muscles but may not be directly associated with myostatin inhibition.

Other Effects of Follistatin 344

timulating Hormone can be harmful most especially to the male reproductive system. FST 344 keels FSH at the right level. An experiment conducted on a small group of men hinted that this peptide may help correct baldness. The study revealed that using this peptide as a supplement in addition to other factors brought about a noticeable increment in the volume and thickness of the subjects’ hair with a single treatment, and the anti-baldness effect remained for about a year without a need for repeated administrations.
Some individuals claim that Follistatin has appetite-inducing capabilities. Although, this claim is yet to be scientifically proven.
Treatment of arthritis:Follistatin has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to reduce joint inflammation when used to treat arthritis in mice. It also prevents cartilage degeneration. While further clinical research is still necessary, Follistatin has the potentials to be used as an anti-inflammatory drug.


Follistatinpeptide is available in powder and liquid form. The right dosage varies from individual to individual. This is a result of different factors which include body height, weight, and genetic predisposition. The normal dosage for this peptide is 100mcg daily for about 30 days (not less than 10 days).